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Introducing Bookbinding

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Introducing Bookbinding, Ivor Robinson

USED - this book is a used copy of a title that is currently out of print. All copies are in good condition but may vary slightly in appearance and wear.

Oxford Polytechnic Press
124 pages
26cm x 19cm
Format: Hardcover


Written by master bookbinder Ivor Robinson (1924-2014), Introducing Bookbinding is a (now out-of-print) classic manual of the craft. The book provides a precise, informative text accompanied by step-by-step visual demonstrations of basic bookbinding skills.

The second edition, published in 1984, covers standard case-bound and library-style binding sequences as well as techniques for finishing in foil and gold leaf, and such basic requirements as tools and equipment, materials, folding from sheets, rebinding preparation, single-section binding, and blocking.

A unique edition with a great jacket design by the author.