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Ultra Vires


Ultra Vires

lightreading with 8Fold Press
21.5cm x 26cm
56 pages
Format: softcover

Ultra Vires ( meaning beyond the powers) is a series of architectural propositions toward a fictional, socially progressive nightclub complex. Each room in the club was designed by an individual architect and the building coalesces in the pages of the publication. We inhabit the space at 7.00am when the evening is winding down. With the aim of imagining what we have trouble practicing and practicing what have trouble imagining, Ultra Vires rematerialises a necessary communal space within the built environment—an idea that is echoed throughout its design and production process.

Contributors include Hera Lindsay Bird, Angela Cho, Abbey Gould, Sukaina Kubba and Craig Mulholland, Nick Rebstadt, Raphaela Rose, Amber Ruckes, Susana Torre.

lightreading is the collaborative identity of artists Sonya Lacey and Sarah Rose.